Nowatech was founded in 1997 and its foundation was strictly connected with large-scale expansion of gas distribution network to individual clients. Location of the plant in Wadowice proved to be a great decision. Close neighborhood of University of Science and Technology in Cracov and Oil and Gas Institute combined with the vision of Nowatech founder, Mr. Mieczysław Nowak allowed to create first Polish made PE pipe-welding machines conforming with all relevant international standards. Pipe-welding machines still remain the main product line of Nowatech up to this day. Currently Nowatech is one of the leading manufacturers of PE, PP, PB, PVDF pipe welding machines. Continuous investments in development of new design solutions and cutting-edge machinery allow us to maintain highest quality of our products and keep increasing the range of offered products. Modern system of quality management confirmed with ISO 9001:2008 certificate ensures reliability, timely realizations and highest quality of products and services. Up to this date we have been trusted by over 4000 clients from Poland and other countries. Our machines work in Poland and countries like Spain, Russia, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and many other. Within the purchase of our machine you are also provided with professional customer service, technical support and, if necessary, repair and maintenance services. Our machines are the warranty of successful realization of even the most difficult projects. We invite you to cooperate with us!

Why Us?

  • We are a well-established brand with strong position on the Polish and foreign markets,
  • Our employees are highly qualified and have extensive knowledgeand experience within the field of their specialization,
  • We keep improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015,
  • We continuously observe the market and adapt to its growing requirements,
  • We are a trustworthy partner as shown by recommendations from our customers,
  • We know the industry and keep up with the trends.

Our offer:

  • Butt-welding machines for pipes within diameter range ø50-1200mm with manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic control,
  • Electrofusion welding units within power range of 800VA to 4000VA with/without registration system depending on client’s requirements,
  • Socket welding machines for industrial and in-house applications within diameter range ø16mm to ø125 mm,
  • Workshop welding machines for fabrication of segmental fittings (tees, bends, crosses ) within diameter range ø90 – 315mm,
  • Manual workshop welding machines working within diameter range ø50–160mm allowing to weld in straight line and at an angle(0-22,5°->2α max = 45°),
  • Other welding equipment, i.e. Pipe rollers, aligners, pipe squeezers).

Our services:

  • Design and production of machines/parts acc. to provided/ordered documentation (heating elements, hydraulics, hydraulic units, etc.),
  • Water jet cutting services:sheets of steel, rubber, marble, ceramics of max. dimensions: [2500mm x 1250mm] and thickness [1 to 120 mm],
  • Calibration, maintenance, repairs, and post-warranty services of pipe welding equipment of our production,
  • Repairs of hydraulic components (actuators regeneration),
  • Regeneration and production of mechanical components for trenchless technology,
  • Rental services: pipe welding machines for diameters Ø50-1200mm.